This is my personal blog.

All opinions expressed here are obviously mine (alone) unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The reason this blog exists is because I got tired of third party websites and companies owning, controlling, and managing my online presence. I therefore decided that the relative inconvenience of maintaining a blog to record things of interest to me online, as opposed to putting it up on social media, is a small price to pay to taste true internet freedom. It is an unfortunate reality we live in today where few people express themselves in a personal blog given the massive lock-in effect of social media which siphons off content made by creators, not to mention the attention of the rest, all for itself while contributing nothing back to the internet. If this thought inspires you to create your own personal blog, I consider it a little success along the way to creating a better internet.

As for myself, I’m a software engineer at Google working on Search. My work involves improving machine understanding of text and increasing recall on entity mentions in “tail” languages. I am lucky to work in a team that allows extensive creative freedom in achieveing those ends, and would happily recommend an engineering position on our team to anyone with the right skills.  Outside of work, and absent any injury, I seek out the mountains every week from my home base in Zurich. I love spending time in the big mountains and find it simultaneously restorative and transformative; I ski, mountain bike, and camp depending on the season. Another one of my passions is inline skating, which I have not managed to integrate with a trip to the mountains (yet). Some of the more cerebral activities I enjoy are writing and solving math problems. I particularly enjoy the artistic and clarifying aspects of writing. Until about a year ago I trained to become a theoretical computer scientist, and enjoyed much of the intellectual ruminations during this period as a graduate student. After four and a half years, in early 2017, I turned in my thesis, a labor of love I’m proud of. If I could go back to change to one thing back in those days, it would be to appreciate the value of time itself! After all, it is the most valuable thing in the world.

If you’re curious, here is a picture of me at Chamonix.