Being a skier, I still want to stay in shape during the offseason, to be ready to shred when winter comes! Here are the exercises that I do during summer:

  • Running (cardio)
  • Pushups (arms, upper body)
  • Leg raises (core)
  • Deadlifts (back, legs)
  • Box Jumps, Wall sits (legs)

I keep my workouts simple and maintain their effectiveness through regularity instead of constantly searching for complicated movements and exercise variations.

Fitness also doesn’t have to be boring! I sometimes do workouts in a trampoline park while learning new flips and tricks! One cool exercise I’m learning to do is the handstand.

During summer, I divide my time between mountain biking and inline skating (which I do all year long!). I also camp every now and then, usually on nights with clear skies so I can do a little stargazing.

So all in all, I ski, skate, bike and camp.